Sir as on 28 Feb we are celebrating science day I am going to exhibit this model but sir.... Asci have tested once I observed that the Buzzer will not scream loudly as it just sounds in small amount only like a whistle. And can i replace the buzzer with an 8 ohm speaker.if yes shall i need to connect resistor at fouth trasistor also?? Trigger some 220/110V AC alarm with the help of Relay and be careful while working with 220v, it can be lethal. Can I increase the no of LED indicators to 7 by repeating the Transistor circuit 4 more times? Some jumper wires 3. Temperature Detector Circuit. The temperature sensor can react to any heat generated by body heat. Today an ice-point reference, and its inconvenient ice/water bath, is generally replaced by electronics. I have arranged all rrquired components according to the given circuit bt the circuit gets completed at the transistor level nd the led strts glowing as i connect the battery to the circuit without placing those other ends in water .. Help me sir .. hi same thing happening with me too. Can anyone tell me how to use buzzer at low level to indicate empty tank? As you might guess, the top sensor “stops” the water pump, the second sensor “starts” the water pump. sir can we make this circuitju without transustor and resistor... sir,how much money to be used for this project? Find out how to access AutoZone's Wiring Diagrams Repair Guide for Jeep Wrangler-YJ 1987-1995 . And me fast sir. Check this circuit: Melody or Sound Generator Circuit. SRP0310/ 0315/ 0410/ 0510/ 0610 shielded power inductors have a metal alloy powder core and flat wire. For every 1°C of rise/fall in temperature, the output voltage of the sensor varies by 10mV. The buzzer will produce a steady sound. Sir ,What happens if we change the resistor values?? sir which type of transistor we are using in this project i mean pnp or npn??? Thank you for the briefing man! When temperature rises above the set value, it will indicate the presence with the help of glowing LED. But if the voltage flows, then the current may also flow. How long is the maximum distance in meters form a 5 volts or 9 volts battery ? This simple transistor based water level indicator circuit is very useful to indicate the water levels in a tank. As the name suggests, a Temperature Controlled Switch is a device or circuit, which is activated based on the Temperature. h�b```�P��� cb���������}К�Y� b)-n�l�pq�[߄E�LLJZ9��f߸p�r��;GJ�c � L��@�{�`x�h�YEGÁ� This voltage is safe on outdoors water tanks. Speed control relay 3. Because i wan't measure water level in my water well. And RED LED glows. 168. Figure 7.7. Can you help please. Here Transistor BC547 is used as a Heat Sensor. Check this circuit: Cell Phone Charger Circuit. ... 4.1 Complete Circuit Diagram 60 . Please rply, i want to attach buzzer on each LED then what should i do, please guid... Dear sir, Similarly when water level reaches to point B, circuit with YELLOW LED and transistor Q2 gets completed and Yellow LED glows, same goes with point C. And finally when tank gets full (Point D), circuit with buzzer gets completed and buzzer starts beeping. How we convert 5-9 V into 220/230V ?? 1 . Introduction: This module is used to measure temperature. Check How to use Relay here. Can i used bc-548 transistor? what is the solution for dat? Obviously such hi-end types of control systems may be of no help or too expensive to many electronic hobbyists and in places where the needs are not that specific or critical. can i use this water lavel indecator for 500 liter tank ? Thanks, Sir can i use transformer in place of 9 V battery and motor as buzzer Whenever tank gets filled, we get alerts on particular levels. its a demo project...if u will make a large base project then it will d concept z same... Of course, it will work, but you need a proper installation. A BC548 transistor, a thermistor (110 Ohms )are a few components used in a heat sensor. When water level reaches to point A, circuit with RED LED & transistor Q1 gets completed and RED LED glows. May 15, 2015 Heat sensor senses the heat present around the sensor. So, if I use it for my houses tank, would current flowing in the water be a problem, or the water does not get electrocuted, please do give me a quick and sufficient answer. Temperature sensor circuit diagrams. what will be connection, @kaushik @bobby: yes you can, check our Cell Phone Charger Circuit. We have added 3 LEDs to indicate initial three levels (A, B, C), and one Buzzer to indicate FULL level (D). Temperature detector circuit with buzzer alarm How does it work. You first need to have proper 9v regulated power supply from the Transformer, you cant just directly connect the Transformer. Temperature monitoring is a very important and frequently used application in industries and in many other places where the temperature should be kept below a maximum allowable level. A Relay will be used for this. The electronic temperature controller units which are commonly available in the market are usually quite sophisticated in design and therefore costly. Use a 9v battery or a power supply using s step down transformer... the battery eliminator kind of thing.