The morphine also caused some mothers to die in childbirth. Germany has strict rules about receiving mail, which, if ignored, may result in your mail being returned to you with no attempt at delivery. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. In today's world of e-mail and overnight express mail service, the idea of a letter taking two weeks to travel from New York to Philadelphia seems almost comical. by History of Mail Fraud Laws. The mother slept through delivery, but the drugs also affected the baby, and sometimes the child didn't breathe at all. When addressing mail to Germany, always: • Use the new five-digit postcode (using an old four-digit postcode will cause delay) • Put the postcode before the town name Passengers were taken at a premium fare. the 6th I got mail for the house across the street from my house and mail for a house that is 2 doors down from me.I am still missing my paycheck! Then the military began encouraging Americans to use V-mail. The first real way to communicate with people across distances that did not involve the mail was invented around 1828. Signed, Sealed, Delivered: How Messages were sent in the Middle Ages. Everyday life in Tudor England - Greeting, salutations, and letter forms from actual correspondence of the time of Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare. At first the delivery of mail was slow and erratic. Always deliver mail to wrong address, Neighbors deliver the mail. Top Male Names by the century pre-conquest to 1600 This research came from a mix of the Suffolk Domesday Book, the Paston letters, the Boldon Book and the Oxford Dictionary of Surnames, [on the principle that a name needed to be fairly common to become a surname; and examples of the original first name and the source are cited within it]. By Danièle Cybulskie. I was awaiting my paycheck on Friday the 5th of Dec.I didn't get any mail that day.Sat. May 7, 2014. While private delivery companies flourished during the 19th century, the Parcel Post dramatically expanded the reach of mail-order companies to … Let’s imagine, for five minutes, what it must have been like to try and communicate across long distance in the Middle Ages. The telegraphwas a crude … In Great Britain, Ireland, and Australia, a mail coach was a stagecoach built to a General Post Office-approved design operated by an independent contractor to carry long-distance mail for the Post Office.Mail was held in a box at the rear where the only Royal Mail employee, an armed guard, stood. One of the most frequently prosecuted federal laws, mail fraud is often charged by federal prosecutors because it can apply in so many situations, and because it applies to anyone who uses the mail or any interstate delivery service. 2 years ago • Reply. Rosalie Sarno.